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Boker Folding Kerambit

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    •  Pocket Knife
    •  8.46 in
    •  3.15 in
    •  0.12 in
    •  4.59 oz
    •  N690
    •  G10
    •  Wave
    •  Manual
    •  Linerlock
    •  Black
    •  Black
    •  Europe
    •  01FX479
    • The Kerambit is a work knife, that has its origin in the Malay-Indonesian archipelago. In the 11th century, it was documented with the ring at the handle end for the first time. Even today, the crescent-shaped blade is used for the knives of fishermen or gardeners. The ring at the handle end allows for a hands-free working with the knife so you do not need to put it down and it also minimizes the danger of losing it. Today, however, the ring is rather used for sports, e.g. in different Filipino martial arts like Pencak Silat or Philipino Kali where the knife is being rotated around the small finger. Ernest Emerson was a pioneer for the renaissance of this type of knife. He also created the patent for the so-called Emerson Wave, a small hook at the blade spine which allows for a simultaneous opening of the blade when pulling the knife out of the pocket. The blade is manufactured of N690 and has a black coating. Handle scales made of slip-resistant G10. Includes liner lock mechanism and pocket clip.