Hardcore Hammers Survivalist Axe Combo Pack Envy Green-Tools-Hardcore Hammers-Mimeocase Tactical/ Nashville Tactical Lounge

Hardcore Hammers Survivalist Axe Combo Pack Envy Green

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Envy Green Combo Pack

Have a great matching set of our beautiful Envy Green finish on our best selling Survivalist Hatchet and our Hickory Stick/Tire Thumper. Save money by buying these items together in this combo pack!

Hardcore Survivalist Hatchet
19oz head on 18″ American Hickory curved handle, includes custom made leather sheath. Made from top quality 4140 tool steel (AKA “Ordnance steel” because it’s commonly used for making breech and barrel parts for guns and cannons) for both toughness and edge retention, and ground to within a +/-.005″ tolerance, we designed the curved blade for both optimal cutting and splitting wood. We’ve also incorporated a nail/tent stake puller and the hammer end (of course) has our patented recessed striking face. At 19oz on an 18″ handle, it’s perfectly balanced for any job

Weight: 40 oz. | Dimensions: 17.5 x 6 x 2 in. | Head Weight: 19 oz. | Handle Length: 18 in.

Envy Green Hickory Stick/Tire Thumper
18″ Hickory Sticks are crafted from grade A American Hickory for durability and quality. Ink printed (vs laser engraved) with Hardcore Hammers logo. Made in the USA.

*Warning*, one of these stored in the cab of a vehicle may in some states be considered a dangerous concealed weapon. Please check the appropriate ordinances for proper use and storage.

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