Marfione x Strider MSG 3.5 Integral Folding Knife, Abalone inlay


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Microtech founder and mad machine scientist Tony Marfione has teamed up with Strider founder Mick Strider again to create another masterful collaboration: The MSG 3.5.
See kids: this here frame is what's known as an integral frame. That means it is painstakingly machined from a block of titanium and is one big piece. There is no separate backspacer, stand offs, etc. That means it is an incredibly strong and rigid chassis. The MSGIII is almost identical in size to the Strider SnG. However, the frame tapers off toward the edges due to the faceted bevels making the MSG III feel very similar in size to a Concealed Carry profile SnG. The MSG 3.5 has a machined titanium pocket clip in pretty much the same location as the SnG. So, now you can basically have an integral frame SnG in a flipper version.
  • Machined titanium pocket clip with a silicon nitride bearing insert to make it easy to slip over the ridge in your pocket
  • Lockbar features a replaceable 17-4 stainless interface for solid lock up
  • Integrated lanyard loop
  • Blade rides on a ceramic bearing system for a smooth opening
  • Hinderer Lockbar Stabilizer to prevent over flexing the lock bar

The Frame: Integral (single piece) titanium frame with Microtech's Double Blast smooth finish. Hinderer Lockbar Stabilizer in blue anodized finish. The main side has a perfectly inlaid piece of woven carbon fiber.

The Blade: Sexy, hand ground, duplex grinds, with deep upper swedge grind (dagger look). And speaking of sexy, this version has a beautiful Mirror Polished. Combined with the satin flats, this is a stunning piece!

Comes with the deluxe Marfione Custom packaging:
  • Carbon fiber look outer box
  • Nylon pouch with metal dagger zipper pull
  • Metal dagger logo velcro patch
  • Dagger logo microfiber cloth
  • Signed metal certificate of authenticity