Blackwater DEFENSE GRADE 9mm - JHP-ammo-Blackwater-Mimeocase Tactical/ Nashville Tactical Lounge

Blackwater DEFENSE GRADE 9mm - JHP

  • $35.00

Introducing Blackwater DEFENSE GRADE 9mm

Featuring Sierra’s Power Jacket bullet these rounds deliver the positive and uniform terminal expansion that quickly levels human-sized threats, featuring fresh brass, premium primers, clean burning propellant, and ultra careful inspection before they make their way to you.

THESE ARE IN STOCK! while supplies last - due to amount of online orders - shipments may take 3-5 days to ship 


Can you deliver to me?

Because of the ever-changing regulations and shipping restrictions surrounding the sale of ammunition, we are unable to ship to these locations:

  • Alaska
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  • Chicago (we are able to ship to other areas of IL)
  • Hawaii
  • Massachusetts
  • New York City, Buffalo, and Rochester (we are able to ship to other areas in the state of NY)
  • Washington, DC
  • All international locations

Local laws and regulations are always changing. To be certain of your ability to legally receive ammunition purchases by mail, check your local legislation before ordering.

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