Microtech Combat Troodon D/E Carbon Fiber Top Black Aluminum Body w/ Blue Ringed Titanium Hardware and Damascus Plain Edge Blade (3.8") 142-16CFTI


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 Product Name: Microtech Combat Troodon

Part Number: 142-16CFTI

Key Features:

Double-Edge Plain Blade Style: This Combat Troodon model features a double-edge plain blade, ideal for a wide range of cutting tasks, including close quarter combat situations and utility purposes.

Damascus Blade and: This Combat features a gorgeous damascus double edged blade. This adds a touch of class and mystique while maintaining it's tactical profile.

Standard Grooved Body: The body of the Combat Troodon has standard grooves and subtle contours that aid in grip and handling, making it suitable for both heavy-duty and everyday use.

Black Body Color: Without a color specification in the part number, this model features a classic black body, providing a timeless look that suits any situation.

The Combat Troodon is a large, robust, and versatile knife, making it an excellent addition to any collection. With its double-edge plain blade, this knife is ideal for a variety of tasks, from close quarter combat situations to everyday carry. THe damascus blade gives the knife an ornate look that contrasts to it's tactical nature, and the grooved body with subtle contours ensures excellent grip and handling. Endorsed by Law Enforcement, United States Armed Forces, and First Responder Service Personnel, the Combat Troodon is suitable for hard use while the benefits of an automatic OTF make it a great choice for everyday carry.


Overall Length: 9.5 inches Blade Length: 3.81 inches Blade Material: Damascus Handle Design: Standard Grooved, Black Blade Type: Double-Edge, Plain Blade Finish: Damascus Opening Mechanism: Automatic OTF Pocket Clip: Standard, black Hardware Screws: Titanium Blue Ringed Hardware Weight: 5.43 oz Warranty: Lifetime Warranty Country of Origin: Proudly made in the USA