Microtech Combat Troodon Hellhound Bounty Hunter Pattern Body w/ Apocalyptic Plain Edge Blade (3.81”) 219-10BH


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Product Name: Microtech Combat Troodon

Part Number: 219-10BH

Key Features:

Hellhound Tanto Blade Style: The Combat Troodon 219-10BH features a distinctive Hellhound Tanto blade style, offering a unique and aggressive aesthetic appeal.

Apocalyptic Finish: The blade features an apocalyptic finish, lending the knife a rugged, well-worn appearance.

Bounty Hunter Special Edition: The "BH" in the part number signifies that this model is a special "Bounty Hunter" edition, characterized by a distressed or "battle-damaged" light green body, red screws, and trigger.

The Combat Troodon 219-10BH is a unique knife, perfect for collectors and those who appreciate a standout aesthetic. The Hellhound Tanto blade style is both eye-catching and functional, and the apocalyptic finish on the blade and hardware enhances its rugged look. As a Bounty Hunter special edition, it features a distinctive "battle-damaged" light green body with contrasting red screws and trigger, making it a memorable addition to any collection.


Overall Length: 9.5 inches

Blade Length: 3.81 inches

Blade Material Options: 204P, Elmax, or M390 steel

Handle Design: Distressed Light Green, Bounty Hunter Edition

Blade Type: Hellhound Tanto

Blade Finish: Apocalyptic

Opening Mechanism: Automatic OTF

Pocket Clip: Standard, Apocalyptic

Hardware Screws: Standard, Apocalyptic

Weight: 5.43 oz

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Country of Origin: Proudly made in the USA