Product Spotlight Vudoo Gun Works

Product Spotlight Vudoo Gun Works

Jun 15th 2024

Vudoo Gun Works is a Veteran directed, family-owned operation, that is led by some of the best in the business. Pulling from many years of experience in business and an extensive background in the firearms industry, our leadership team holds nothing back in the creation of an unparalleled customer experience through every aspect your dealings with Vudoo Gun Works. From product development, sourcing materials, manufacturing and customer service, we put our experience to work, ensuring our customer is getting the best that we have to offer.

Today we are taking a look at the Vudoo Priest 4.25 

The Priest 4.25 offers all that the standard Priest has to offer in a more concealable package. The Priest 4.25 successfully integrates the highly precise and reliable slide and barrel fit found in the Möbius, with the familiar functionality and increased capacity of a modern double stack 1911. Vudoo customers enjoy the standard option of a contour matching optic cut for RMR sights. The Priest 4.25 comes with a 9mm Bull Barrel.

The grip is aluminum with a Vudoo Hybrid texture for a solid no-slip hold. The Priest 4.25 is compatible with STI/SVI family of magazines giving users the option of 19 or 23 round capacity and ships with two 19 round magazines.