Spotlight on Dad, as we celebrate Fathers Day

Spotlight on Dad, as we celebrate Fathers Day

Jun 16th 2024

Hey there EDC world today is Fathers Day, while personally my own Fathers is no longer with us, it is a time to reflect and celebrate all the Dad's out there.  Ill be highlighting a few things that are Dad worthy items and also to celebrate today if your are reading this, you will find a special Fathers Day gift from me to you! A 10% off coupon use the code 10OFF2024 Today!  Now onto the goods here are 10 great gift ideas for Dad 


1 Strider  SnG OD Green G10 you can find it here

2 Pre owned custom Heretic Medusa

3 Les George collab integral folder located here

4 Microtech Mini Hera

5 Canik TP9SFX

6 Holosun AEMS

7 William Henry Ti Pen

8 William Henry Cigar cutter

9 Costa Sunglasses are always a fave

10 Medford Genesis Solar Flare

So take a look and make dad feel extra loved today